Why Does My SiriusXM Keep Cutting Out? Find Out Solutions!

So, you were out finding out, “why does my SiriusXM keep cutting out?”, right? But it’s not surprising to do so, as SiriusXM is that good for every listener. Be it at home or in your car; this satellite radio service is more than we can expect.

It’s a product of Sirius XM Holdings Inc., an American broadcasting corporation with over 35M subscribers. The allure of SiriusXM lies in a diverse range of content to meet various interests and tastes. But frequent interruptions and signal loss may become a frustrating issue amidst the desire for continuous streaming enjoyment.

Typically, the cut-out happens due to some factors. It includes signal loss in certain areas, lousy wiring amid the SiriusXM antenna and the tuner, or between the tuner and the stereo. In this session, I will discuss why your SiriusXM keeps cutting out. I hope you will spend some moments for a positive purpose.

A Brief to SiriusXM & Reasons to Use it in Cars

SiriusXM is a leading satellite radio service in North America. They offer music, sports, entertainment, and news programs (1,2). You can hear music and hosts talk, news, and comedy from channels like BBC, CNBC, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and C-SPAN.

If you are a sports lover, you can get live play-by-play coverage of every NFL, Major League Baseball, and NBA game (3). Besides, the company has also ventured into streaming music services by acquiring Pandora in 2019 (4).

In easy words, you can enjoy any programs on radio channels with SiriusXM. That’s why it has become a popular in-car entertainment. Significantly, the exclusive programs and almost uninterrupted radio signals have brought attention from car owners—unfortunately, some reports of losing signals while streaming on the web.

Common Issues with SiriusXM (Including Cut-Out)

Users (like you and me) can encounter particular issues while streaming SiriusXM that can hinder our enjoyment. A common problem we may face in cars is related to audio quality, signal reception, and overall performance (5).

Another frustrating issue reported by users is frequent audio interruptions. These interruptions can manifest as sudden cut-outs or drops in audio. They can disrupt the flow of music, shows, or news we enjoy.

Signal loss is another common concern: signal loss (cut-out). Atmospheric conditions, physical obstructions, radio interference etc., are the culprits of this issue.

Common Causes& Solutions for SiriusXM Cutting Out

Now, I want to discuss the reasons “why does my SiriusXM keep cutting out”.

Reason-1: Physical Obstruction

Is there any physical obstruction near your SiriusXM radio? It can cause it to cut out frequently. It is anything that blocks the signal between the receiver and the SiriusXM satellite. You may have issues if you’re driving your car in any of these situations:

  • A tunnel or under a bridge
  • A thick canopy of trees
  • The mountains
  • Next to tall buildings

How to Troubleshoot Physical Obstruction

You can try a few solutions to avoid SiriusXM cut-out. Especially when driving through a tunnel or near tall buildings, move the car to an area under the open sky. It’s because the radios work best under the clear and open sky. Again, waiting till you leave the obstructed area can be a good idea to regain the signal.

Reason -2: Bad Wiring

Terrible wiring can keep you far from listening to your favorite radio channel. Possibly, there can be a break, weak point, or loose joint in the wiring linking the tuner and SiriusXM antenna. It may also happen between the tuner and your stereo (6). Hence, bad wiring can affect the sound quality too.

How to Troubleshoot Bad Wiring

If bad wiring is the suspect, physically inspect all the connections. It can be between your SiriusXM antenna, the tuner, and your stereo. Also, look for any breaks, weak points, or loose connections. After getting them, replace the wire, or secure the link if needed. You can try resetting SiriusXM radio by turning it off and on again.

Then, wiggle the connectors and flex the wiring near the connectors while the radio is playing. Listen for any disruption in the sound. Additionally, ensure the SXV300 tuner connection is securely plugged into the head unit. Otherwise, get professional help.

Reason -3: Antenna Issues

Well, the signal quality depends on the antenna. Damaged or incorrectly installed antenna can cause SiriusXM radio to be cut out. Moreover, a bent, improperly plugged or aligned, or malfunctioning antenna can be the reason.

How to Troubleshoot Antenna Issues

Check the antenna for any damage or loose connections.Then, ensure that the antenna is installed correctly. Keeping it in a location with a clear sky view can provide a better signal.

Reason –4: Software or App Issues

Often, the issue can be with the SiriusXM software or app. It can be for a software bugor compatibility issues with your device. So, you need to update the backdated software to the newly released version.

How to Troubleshoot Software or App Issues

First, force stop the SiriusXM app and relaunch it. Clear the app’s cache and data if this doesn’t resolve the issue. To do this on Android:

  • First, go to Settings.
  • Then, click on Apps.
  • Select the SiriusXM app.
  • Next, click on Storage.
  • Now, click on the Clear Data option.

It will clear both the cache and data for the app. After this, relaunch the SiriusXM app and see if the issue is resolved. Next, check for any available software updates for your SiriusXM radio.Update the app to the latest version.

Reason – 5: Time Limit on Streaming

Do you know that some streaming services have time limits?Yes, after this time, the service cuts out to save bandwidth. Often, restarting the stream should resolve the issue if this is the case.

How to Troubleshoot the Time Limit on Streaming

If your SiriusXM stream cuts out after a certain amount of time, it may be for the time limit on streaming. To dispatch this issue, restart the stream. Contact SiriusXM’s customer support for further assistance if the problem persists.

Reason – 6: Bad Coverage

Indeed, SiriusXM is famous for its large coverage area. Still, there are areas where the service isn’t available. For example: entering extremely rural areas or underground parking garages and tunnels. There, you will not get the signal.

Sometimes occasional sound muting happens when you drive through heavily forested or mountainous regions. It may happen due to satellite network reconfiguration (7).

How to Troubleshoot Bad Coverage

Check theofficial website or social media page for any announcements about service outages. You may wait for the service to be restored. Usually, refreshing the radio can solve the issue.

Reason – 7: Adverse Weather

Of course, SiriusXM’s satellite technology can withstand most weather conditions. But extreme atmospheric disturbances can still impact signal reception. For example, weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or dense cloud cover affect the strength and quality of the satellite signal.Even storms and severe weather conditions can cause temporary signal loss or degradation.

How to Troubleshoot Bad Coverage

Well, there is no exact solution to deal with weather conditions. It’s a natural phenomenon. So, you may need to wait to get a signal or try refreshing the streaming.

Ensuring Uninterrupted SiriusXM Listening

You can try these troubleshooting tips if you’re experiencing interruptions while listening to SiriusXM:

  • Check your internet or satellite connection to ensure it is solid and stable.
  • Make sure your SiriusXM account is up-to-date and paid for in full.
  • Reset your SiriusXM radio by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds and plugging it back in.
  • Move your radio to a different location, away from other electronic devices, causing interference.
  • Contact SiriusXM customer service for further assistance if the above tips do not work.

Preventive Measures to Avoid SiriusXM Cutting Out

My fellow readers, you can prevent the issue or lessen the chances of cutting out by following these instructions:

Regular Maintenance

Keep things in good condition by maintaining good wiring connections between the antenna, tuner, and stereo. Also, check for physical obstructions that may affect the satellite signal.

Stay Updated

Keep the SiriusXM app or software up to date. Besides, regularly check for updates to ensure compatibility and bug fixes.

Signal Coverage Awareness

Be aware of the signal coverage in your area, as streaming may be limited after a specific duration. Click “Keep Listening” if prompted to continue the stream.


I hope you have the answer to “Why does my SiriusXM keep cutting out.” In this article, I have mentioned all possible reasons behind the issue. As I explained to them, try to find out what’s restricting the signal to stream correctly.

You can follow the solutions I have discussed. They are easy to follow and take the least time. For instance: ensuring adequate signal strength, checking for loose connections, resetting the radio, and updating the firmware.

However, if you cannot resolve this independently, contact SiriusXM support for assistance. I hope there won’t be any issues anymore.

Happy Streaming!

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