20 Vs. 22 Inch Wheels for Ram 1500: A Comparative Analysis

Did you search for “20 vs. 22-inch wheels Ram 1500” on the web? Yes, many Ram 1500 owners become confused about selecting the wheel sizes – should they use the stock one (20”) or increase it to 22”? Typically, it depends on factors like look, traction, handle, and ride comfort.

In short, 22” wheels are larger than 20”. They have a more aggressive and stylish appearance while 20” ones have a sleek and classic look. Then, 20” size wheels offer a comfier ride, and the others provide a slightly firmer ride for their shorter sidewalls.

I guess you want to know the differences in more detail, right? Okay, continue reading the blog to know all the positive and negative differences between 20-inch and 22-inch Ram 1500 wheels.

Comparison Chart: 20 vs. 22-inch Wheels Ram 1500

Check this table first if you are in a dilemma between these two sizes. Here, I have added a glimpse of 20” and 22” wheels.

Factor20″ Wheels
22″ Wheels
LooksSmaller sizes; may not have as much visual impactLarger sizes; can give a more aggressive and stylish look
VariationsMore variety of tire options, including all-season and all-terrain tiresLess combination; with limited all-terrain options
Ride QualityA smoother and more comfortable rideA slightly firmer ride due to shorter sidewalls
Tire OptionsWide range of tire options availableLimited selection compared to smaller sizes
HandlingOffers good handling and agilityProvides increased traction and stability
Fuel EfficiencyTypically, better fuel efficiency due to lighter weightLarger wheels may result in slightly worse gas mileage
CostUsually, more affordableTends to be more expensive than 20″ wheels
Off-Road CapabilityBetter for off-roading due to taller sidewalls and more tire cushioningMaybe less suitable for off-roading due to lower-profile tires

Performance Comparison: 20″ vs. 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

Do you know that the wheel size on a Ram 1500 can impact the truck’s performance?

From several discussions (like ramforum, dodgetalk), I have found that larger 22” wheels often provide a smoother ride on pavement and smooth dirt roads. But these wheels can be more expensive than 20” wheels. Besides, they may wear out quicker than 20″ wheels.

If you think of handling, braking, and acceleration, 20” wheels are the winners (askingyard). These wheels are great for off-road riding for taller sidewalls and more tire cushioning. Also, you can get sharper steering and better control over these wheels, especially on wet or slippery surfaces.

These lightweight, nimble wheels (20”) offer improved cornering ability and control. So, you can enjoy a better driving experience when you need to take more turns, like the roads on hills.

Alternatively, you may get more traction and stability by using 22” wheels. It is because larger wheels allow for wider tires. And these tires offer more grip and traction when driving on wet pavement (alloywheelsdirect). Again, the extra cushioning and absorption of bumps offer remarkably great driving.

The larger size (22”) provides greater road feedback and better control. You can prefer these wheels if you often drive Ram 1500 under extreme driving conditions. Additionally, the larger diameter and wider profile reduce vibrations from the road surface and minimize road noise.

According to Capital One, 22-inch Ram 1500 wheels may offer improved handling. Yet 20-inch wheels are also satisfying in handling such a unique pickup. However, I could not find any explicit mention of the impact on fuel efficiency due to wheel sizes.

Ride Quality Analysis: 20″ vs 22″ wheels for Ram 1500

Often, the owners skip the looks of any pickup. They have only the intention to get better performance driving the trucks. But in the case of the Ram 1500, the wheels can play a significant role for the aesthetic appeal and performance.

Larger wheels (20” or 22”) can enhance these facilities. For example, using 22” wheels by swapping 20” can give more aggressive or beast-like looks. But these wheels sometimes cause a rougher ride for the rigid suspension to accommodate them (askingyard, capitalone).

Then, the thinner sidewall of larger tires (in this case 20” wheels) transmits more vibration. It impacts the vehicle’s interior and affects ride quality.

Still, Ram 1500 20-inch and 22-inch wheels have no significant difference in ride quality. The better-quality wheels you can buy, the better ride you can enjoy. But remember, bigger wheels cause a rougher ride, like 22”. Alternatively, smaller ones with thicker tires can improve ride comfort.

Handling and Maneuverability: 20″ vs 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

As I have said, larger wheels with smaller tires reduce vibrations from the road surface more. So, the 22-inch wheels may generally offer a smoother, more comfortable ride.

But smaller wheels, like 20-inch ones can create a more maneuverable vehicle. They are more responsive than 22”. Also, you will get increased tire compliance with the road surface.

Another fact is the aesthetic preferences, like some people get vehicles with larger wheels and a more weighty, planted feel (teslamotorsclub). So, if you prefer 22” wheels over 20”, the feelings may be like this. Again, according to some vehicle owners, larger wheels may fill up more wheel well (tahoeforum).

With more sidewall to absorb bumps, the ride will feel softer”(dallasnews). But the larger wheels have shorter or lesser sidewalls than smaller wheels. So, the ride might appear harsher to many Ram 1500 owners. Also, the handling will be sloppier for the fewer sidewalls to absorb bumps.

Cost Considerations: 20″ vs. 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

22″ Wheel For Ram 1500

Anything we buy has a connection with our wallet. Similarly, if you think of installing wheels for your Ram 1500, you may think of their costs. And the prices really vary significantly!

Here is an example: a Ram owner on a forum called 5thgenrams said, “I’d rather save the $2000 and buy the rims/tires I want…” He was referring to buying 20” wheels to save $2K instead of buying larger ones.

In another thread on the same forum, I learned that the 20-inch wheels provide a comfier driving experience. On the other hand, the 22-inch wheels can offer a stiffer, more truck-like ride. But these wheels are good for improving the handling of the truck.

More precisely, 20” wheels are more available than 22”. So, these wheels are comparatively more affordable than larger ones.

Tire Options and Availability: 20″ vs. 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

If you have Ram 1500 and want to use 20” wheels, you will get several tire options (cartalk). For example:

  • The Sumitomo Encounter HT is the budget choice.
  • The Continental Terrain Contact A/T is a mid-priced option.
  • The Firestone Destination A/T as a superior choice

The OEM tire size of Ram 1500 has rim diameters of 17”-22”. So, you have many size options (discounttire). According to Driving Press, you can use specialized tires like Michelin Defender LTX M/S with a size of 275/60R20115T SL). These tires are great for increased resistance, comfort, and safety.

Rim Fits RAM 1500 

Aesthetics and Personal Preference: 20″ vs. 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

US News says 20-inch wheels are a standard feature on higher-end trims of the Ram 1500 (like the Laramie Longhorn and Limited models). You can preview these wheels by using the wheel visualizers. Using the visualizers, you can check the customization facilities of wheel and rim sizes, finishes, and more (readywheels, danthetireman).

There are mixed opinions on the performance benefits of 20-inch wheels versus smaller sizes. Still, many Dodge Ram trucks can accommodate them when paired with the correct set of tires (hardrockoffroad). You can choose from many off-road wheels and custom colors which is great for 20” Ram wheel options.

Pros and Cons of 20″ Wheels for Ram 1500

The advantages and disadvantages of 20” wheels are:


  • Comfort: 20″ wheels generally offer a smoother ride than larger sizes. They have a more significant cushioning effect due to their more extensive tire profile.
  • Tire Availability: These wheels are a more typical size. So, you’ll have many tire options, including all-season and winter-specific tires.
  • Lower Cost: Generally, these wheels are less expensive than their larger counterparts. So, you can save more on initial purchase and tire replacement costs.


  • Less Ground Clearance: With their smaller diameter, these wheels sit closer to the ground. It can limit off-road capabilities. Also, you may face clearance issues in certain situations.
  • Less Aggressive Look: Compared to 22” wheels, these may not provide the same visual impact and toughness you may desire for Ram 1500.
  • Less Traction: The smaller tire profile causes less grip and traction on the road. It can be more noticeable during wet or snowy conditions.

Pros and Cons of 22″ Wheels for Ram 1500

The benefits and drawbacks of 22” wheels are:


  • Enhanced Style: 22″ wheels can create a more aggressive and eye-catching look on your Ram 1500.
  • Increased Ground Clearance: Larger wheels provide more space between the truck and the ground. So, it can be beneficial for off-roading or navigating rugged terrain.
  • Improved Traction:  These wheels with larger contact patches can better grip on the road or off-road surfaces.
  • Better Performance: You will get enhanced overall handling and braking performance of your Ram 1500.
  • Resale Value: Upgrading to 22″ wheels can increase the resale value of your truck for potential buyers.


  • Possible Clearance Issues: You may need to modify the suspension to ensure proper clearance.
  • Impact on Ride Quality: these Ram 1500 wheels are heavier and stiffer than smaller sizes. So, you may feel less comfortable riding with increased road noise.
  • Increased Cost: Upgrading to larger wheels is more expensive. You will need more expenses, especially if you opt for high-end aftermarket wheels.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Prefer?

“20 vs. 22-inch wheels Ram 1500” – So, which one will you pick for the popular pickup? I have discussed a lot of things in this blog. I hope you can decide for yourself after reading the whole content.

If you want slightly better performance, you can install 22” wheels. The larger size increases traction and stability even on any odd surface (like wet or slippery). But 20” wheels are beneficial for sharper steering and better control on those surfaces. They have a better cushioning effect due to their larger tire profile.

Again, you can get reduced vibrations and noises by using 22-inch wheels. These wheels are preferable if you want a smoother, more comfortable ride. Alternatively, 20-inch wheels respond better than 22-inch wheels.

In simple words, it depends on your needs to choose between 20” and 22” wheels for Ram 1500. You may reread the blog to match your preferences.

Thanks a lot!

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