Resistor Coil vs. Non-Resistor Coil: A Comparative Study

Image of Resistor Coil vs. Non-Resistor Coil

In the car’s ignition system, coils are essential for the spark production to ignite the air-fuel mixture. These spirals of wire are generally of two types: resistor and non-resistor. The most common differences between these are their internal resistance and voltage management. Today, I will discuss resistor coil vs. non-resistor coil to help you choose … Read more

Sachs vs. KYB: Which One Should You Prefer?

Image of Sachs vs. KYB

For any vehicle we drive, we need top-notch suspension system components. Two such components’ makers are Sachs and KYB. Especially, shock absorbers and struts are common products from these brands. However, people often get confused when selecting between them. And a debate appears: Sachs vs. KYB. In short, Sachs is a renowned German brand under … Read more