Why Can Limos Have Dark Tint? The Ultimate Guide

Limousine or limo – it’s more than a dream vehicle to many people. This luxurious and often celebrity-filled car is allowed to have dark-tinted windows. And this dark tint enhances the aesthetic beauty of it and makes it stand out on the road. But you may ask, “Why can limos have dark tint?” Why can’t you get it on other vehicles?

Apart from luxury, there are more reasons why you can tint your limousine. In short, it is for the passengers’ privacy, comfort, and safety. It also defends them from harmful UV rays, reduces glare, and prevents upholstery fading (1). Moreover, you can tint limo with full permission from the local law enforcement with some limitations.

What are you going to learn from this article? Well, I will share various factors that ensure the popularity of dark tints in limousines. You will learn about tint benefits and deficiencies in this discussion. Besides, I will explain why it is legally permissible to have a tinted limousine.

The Significance of Tinted Windows – Limos and Other Vehicles

Before telling you the reasons, please learn the basics of window tinting. Generally, it means the process through which you apply a thin laminate layer to vehicle windows. It darkens the color of the windows (2). You may see tints on the headlights, too.

Tinting can affect driver visibility and reaction time, specifically during nighttime driving. It can reduce the light that passes through, potentially impacting visibility (3). However, there are sayings that it can improve nighttime visibility by reducing harsh light flashes. Those flashes may cause distractions while driving (4).

Multiple types are available if you wish to tint your car’s windows (if the local authority permits). It can be a transparent film or an extremely dark one. Even the color of the tint may often be bluish or greenish.

One important thing is the measurement of window tint darkness. It is measured in terms of Visible Light Transmission (VLT). It refers to the percentage of light passing through the tinted window.

  • Lower VLT percentage – Lesser light can pass through the window – Darker window tint.

In limousines, you can have the darkest tint. It can resist 95% of visible light and allow 5% light into the window. Briefly, you can call it 5% VLT (5).

Why Can Limos Have Dark Tint – The Reasons

So, what are the benefits of tinting windows on limousines? Historically, limos are associated with high-profile individuals, celebrities, and VIPs who value their privacy and aristocracy (6). So, the dark tint has maintained this tradition by adding prestige, mystery, and allure.

Some notable reasons why limos have dark tint are:

Privacy and Anonymity

The passengers of limousines get some extra privacy and anonymity due to the dark tint on their windows. It reduces the external glare and boosts security and protection. For instance, those VIPs and celebs remain hidden from public view. It also prevents them from being easily identical from any unexpected incidents.

Better Protection

Tinting windows regulates the penetration of UV rays. Blocking a significant amount of sunlight reduces the chances of skin damage from excessive exposure (7). Furthermore, the dark tint can protect the windows from shattering, adding an extra layer of safety (8).

Enhanced Comfort

As I said, dark tints on limousines block around 95% visible light. It keeps the cabin or interior of the car cool as less sunlight enters inside. It enhances passenger comfort by reducing the need for air conditioning. If you own a limousine and need to drive in the summer, you will still feel the cool inside it.


Limos are indeed luxurious cars, and this luxury is associated with the dark tints. When you tint the windows, it can enhance the overall appearance of a limo. Also, it can create a more upscale atmosphere.

Being Presentable

People often attend special occasions like weddings, proms, and biggest events like Oscar by driving limos. The dark tint on the windows of these vehicles can create a more intimate, romantic, and classy vibe.

Low Light Conditions

Professional chauffeurs typically drive limos. They are trained to navigate in low-light conditions. The dark tint does not impede their ability to see the road.

Legal Aspects of Dark Window Tints in Limos

Does your state permit you to tint your car or at least limousine? Well, window tinting laws vary by state in the US. However, standard allowable limits are 50% for the driver’s and passenger’s front windows. The back seats, rear passenger, side windows, and the back window are allowed to have 35% tint (9).

Some states, like Arizona, restrict limousine tint to the backside and rear windows. They allow no darker than 5% VLT (10). In Minnesota, front side windows must allow more than 50% light on all vehicles. But there will be no permissible tint on windshields (11).

Other states, like Colorado, require that all vehicles’ front and rear side windows must allow at least 27% of outside light through the windows (12). However, no state in the US allows drivers to install 5% (limo tint) on all windows (9). For instance, In New Jersey, no tint is permitted on the windshield (13).

There are no restrictions regarding the sun screening devices applied to the rear window. It is applied if the car is equipped with an outside mirror on each side that reflects a view of the roadway for a distance of at least 200ft from the rear (14).

As the states suggest, you should abide by the laws. These above laws apply to mostly regular vehicles. If you own a limousine, you must check the official rules and regulations before using tints.

Tinting Materials & Maintenance – What Keeps Dark Tint Long-Lasting

How to tint limos – probably you will or have already searched for methods of tinting your vehicle.

Thus, you can choose the ceramic window tint. It has high heat rejection properties and excellent visibility regardless of vehicle shading (15). Then, there is the carbon ceramic window tint. Many consider it top quality and light absorbent.

You can pick products like Gila Xtreme Limo Black with a 2.5% VLT if you want highly dark tints. It is popular in limousine cars (16). Other tints can have a VLT of up to 90%. They can absorb more than 60% of total solar energy and more than 90% of infrared heat (17).

Keep these factors in mind if you have already decided to tint limo windows:

Visible light transmission (VLT)

Limo tint typically has a VLT of 5% or less. It means that it blocks out 95% or more of visible light.


You can find various colors, including black, charcoal, and gray. You should choose a color that balances the exterior of your limo.


In markets, you can find dyed and metalized tints. The first one is less expensive. But its less durability makes it fade over time. Alternatively, you need to spend more for metalized tint. It can be more durable and heat resistant.

Once you have selected the right tint for your limousine, get help from experienced tint installers. After applying, you must maintain the tint for better longevity. In my opinion, you can follow these tips:

  • Keep the dark-tinted windows clean. In this case, you can use a mild soap and water solution. It is better not to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. They can damage your limo tint.
  • If you often go out with limo, I suggest you avoid parking in direct sunlight for extended periods. It can cause the tint to fade.
  • If you notice any damage to the tint, repair it immediately by a qualified tint installer.

Final Words

Still thinking – “Why can limos have dark tint?” Don’t worry, please! It is perfectly alright to have dark-tinted limo windows. And it is legal in most countries and states in the USA.

In this article, I have explained everything about limo window tinting. From laws to the reasons – everything you can find here. For sure, it can be helpful if you have read the whole discussion and, obviously, follow the legal processes.

Thanks for reading it!

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