Dorman vs. Moog Control Arms: An In-Depth Comparison

During my childhood, I wondered how the wheels stay vertically in a car. I didn’t know about control arms back then. But now I know that these are helpful components for the suspension system. Also, they connect the steering knuckle or spindle to the vehicle’s chassis. It makes us drive the car smoothly with full control.

Using durable control arms (A-Arms) is good for maintaining stability, ride comfort, and handling performance. In this case, two big names are Dorman and Moog. Dorman’s all about giving you affordable options that get the job done. Alternatively, Moog is like the premium ice cream of control arms. They cost a bit more, but you get top-notch quality.

There are many things to discuss regarding Dorman vs. Moog control arms. Typically, it’s like choosing between the comfiest sneakers and the fresh new kicks – both have their vibes. I suggest you complete reading this blog to get all this wisdom about A-Arms.

Dorman Control Arms

Dorman is a leading brand in the automotive industry. This brand produces durable and high-quality control arms. Likewise, there are lots of positive appraisals regarding these A-Arms. While visiting their official website, I have found that they produce precision-engineered and immensely tested products (source).

The suspension control arms from Dorman feature these things:

  • You can use these A-Arms to replace the original equipment (OE).
  • All the control arms have precise designs and dimensions to fit your vehicle’s original (factory-built) components.
  • Dorman never compromised in choosing the best quality and safe materials for the control arms.
  • These components are well-tested extensively in-house and by third-party testers.

When you install Dorman control arms, they will function as right as OEM products. But do not worry! The excellent fit and design allow you to install the suspension parts smoothly. So, these arms are great for active DIYers.

The rigorous testing procedures of each control arm ensure that they last longer than any ordinary alternatives. You can ride your vehicle long without thinking about these components.

Moog Control Arms

Well, Moog control arms are the brilliant result of expert engineers. You better call them “Premium Control Arms” as their official website says. While writing this blog, I checked online about people’s thoughts on these suspension A-Arms. And people were happy about installing Moog parts. Like Dorman, you will love to know about the features.

Some crucial points about Moog control arms are:

  • Mostly, these arms are known for their innovation, durability, and simple installation.
  • Many expert engineers and testers have already tested as a part of quality assurance. And these parts were remarkably passed to fulfill the performance needs.
  • The incorporation of carbon fiber bearings and induction-hardened studs reduces socket friction.
  • The greaseable socket design and specially persuaded coatings on metal surfaces reduce corrosion and wear.
  • Dirt and water cannot harm Moog control arms as they have pre-installed dust boot seals.

The studs in these A-Arms are induction hardened. So, when you install the arms, they can resist breakage and fatigue over time. Another feature you may love is the premium bushings. Hence, these bushings are pre-installed with optimized stiffness to make riding noise-free.

You can install the components as a DIYer like Dorman control arms. Moreover, the testing ensures the premium quality of Moog suspension control arms.

Comparative Analysis: Dorman vs. Moog Control Arms

I know you were searching for the difference, right? Stay cool as I explain all the distinctions between the control arms of Dorman and Moog. I hope you won’t mind spending a few extra moments!

Quality Comparison

Both brands are reputable for their control arms. For Dorman, you can use the arms as direct replacements for OEM parts (source).

Alternatively, Moog control arms are famous for advanced design and durability. But components from both brands are engineered with precision, passed during multiple tests.

Material Differences

Regarding material, Dorman control arms are made of either steel or aluminum (see this). Also, each product comes with replacement ball joints and bushings. You can get them in casting or forged designs. Forged steel control arms are famous for their exceptional strength. And aluminum control arms are lighter in weight. They reduce un-sprung mass and improve handling performance.

On the other hand, the manufacturing origin of Moog parts can vary, even for the same part number (source). But they use eCoated cast iron and steel to produce the control arms. Additional material is heavy-duty thermoplastic. Overall, the construction of the main frame and the anti-galvanic coated studs prevent corrosion (source).

Performance and Handling

Of course, you should consider the performance and handling to buy any A-Arm. The same thing should happen with Dorman vs. Moog control arms. For sure, Dorman parts can offer you smooth, responsive steering (source). But I have found some complaints about the product quality and lack of manufacturer support.

Moog focuses on higher-quality components for better performance (source). Control arms from this brand are often seen as “premium,” or you can say superior. Again, the price is slightly better than Dorman.

Product Durability

How long do control arms last? You may have searched it already (otherwise, search it)! Dorman and Moog control arms are generally built to meet or exceed OE specs. The choice of materials and thorough testing ensure that both brands produce long-lasting products.

Someone installed Dorman A-Arms. He said, “Never replaced them” (source). It means you will get a thing that will live long. In the case of Moog, lots of feedback is there that says you should choose it for long-term use. But some exceptions are there, like a reddit user started a thread, “Moog…bushing cracked and torn after 1 year.

Ease of Installation

Dorman control arms have a direct replacement design. So, you can install them as OE alternative in the way that OE is installed. These parts are reliable for replacing worn control arms in vehicles (source).

You can regulate the suspension precisely with the adjustable Moog A-Arms. You can easily install these control arms: raise and support the vehicle, remove the wheel and tire assembly, and secure the caliper with an adapter. Then, install the components accordingly.


You can avail limited lifetime warranty for Dorman control arms (source). It means you can get technical support for the products until you use the vehicle.

On the official website, I have found two types of warranty of Moog parts: limited lifetime and 3 years or 36000 miles. Yet it is not clear to me about the warranty on control arms. You can contact official support to know more about the warranty.

Price Comparison

Price is often a significant consideration unless you want to spend without thinking about it. Typically, Dorman control arms are more budget-friendly compared to Moog control arms. Being affordable, you still get them a reliable, cost-effective solution for suspension needs. However, here is an example: Dorman 522-405 model control arm costs around $71 (source).

Conversely, Moog control arms may have a higher price tag. For instance, MOOG RK621349 model costs around $85 (source). But these products have a proven track record of durability and performance. Installing them to your suspension system will surely get the “premium” feel.


No, there is no significant difference between Dorman and Moog in their compatibility. But Dorman is mainly focused on supplying OEM products to the market. But Moog serves primarily aftermarket products. Yet you can consider them as OE replacement control arms (source).

Availability and Distribution

You can purchase Dorman A-Arms from various online retailers like Summit Racing and Amazon. In some cases, you will get free shipping. Similarly, Moog parts are also available online. For instance, you can have them from Jegs, 1A Auto, and Amazon.

What People Say About Dorman vs. Moog Control Arms

Now I want to share users’ thoughts on these suspension parts. Here are some of them:

Someone said, “The brand I am leaning on is Dorman, they are about 15% cheaper than Moog parts…” (source). Yet “Dorman sources all there parts mainly Chinese” (source). So, that’s a possible reason why you get them cheaper.

In another platform, someone put opinions on Moog. He said, “Anything steering/suspension related I always go Moog even if it’s 2-3 times the price” (source). Another person on the thread said, “Moog is way better than doorman; you get what you pay for.”

Final Words

So, which control arms would you prefer between Dorman and Moog? After researching the market, I can assure you both brands are satisfactory in terms of their build quality, durability, performance, etc.

But if you think of price, Dorman will be the winner as its products cost less than Moog. You can directly replace them with the old, existing, worn-out arms. On the other hand, Moog is praised for quality as the users discussed in different platforms. But I couldn’t find the warranty term as clear as Dorman’s.

Now, it’s up to you: to save money, go with Dorman, and for premium quality, select Moog. That’s all for today! Have a nice day

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