Unlocking the Benefits: Why Put the Starter Switch Key in Your Pocket?

What do you do when you are not using the starter switch key: leave it inside the car or take it with you? And even if you take it, I do not think you put that on the table in your room. Well, many vehicle owners keep the key fob in their pocket in such cases. You may have doubt, “why put the starter switch key in your pocket.” Don’t get stressed! I will talk about it in detail – just stay with me till the end!

Keyless ignition or push-start systems allow to start the vehicle without the conventional metal key. Instead, you can turn on the engine with a key fob or similar device. Thus, keeping it in your pocket helps to reach it instantly. It reduces the risk of accidents or mishaps. Also, you can prevent unauthorized access to the car.

There is another benefit – you can easily access your vehicle without fumbling around in your bag or other places. It can save important time and keep you ready and confident. Therefore, if you continue reading, you will learn more about keeping the starter switch key inside your pocket.

The Safety Aspect: Why Keep the Starter Switch Key in Your Pocket?

Before I put some logic, I want to illustrate the starter switch key. Indeed, it acts as a bridge between the driver (or you) and the vehicle. Its primary function is initiating the engine and setting the car into motion. As such, it is an indispensable component to control any vehicle.

Let’s discuss the first purpose of keeping the key in the pocket. Of course, safety is paramount in any car driving. In this case, the key fob is very important in ensuring utmost safety.

When you keep the key in your pocket, your hand is only a few inches away. Hence, this practice can reduce the risk of accidents or mishaps. For example, someone else starts the vehicle while you keep your eyes on it. Keeping the key in your reach can avoid these dangerous situations.

Unauthorized access to anything we use can keep us in tension. Similarly, you can get worried if someone access (whom you do not want to have access) to the vehicle. But keeping the switch key in your pocket can eliminate this chance.

Moreover, it increases an extra layer of security and protection from theft. Thieves cannot steal the vehicle as they cannot start it without the key.

The Convenience Factor: Another Reason to Keep Key Fob in Your Pocket

Keyless entry systems are highly valued for their design. People also love their ease of programming and customizability. That’s why conventional key-based entry to cars, trucks, pickups, or vehicles is becoming popular nowadays. It helps to take the key without inserting it in the ignition system.

Keeping the starter switch key in your pocket is not just about safety but also about convenience. When you have the key in your pocket, you can easily access your vehicle without wasting time searching for it in a bag or other locations. It can make your overall driving experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Let me take you to a realistic event. Imagine you are going inside a department store to buy some groceries. Or you are on a walk around your area. Now, you need to start the vehicle. But you have left it at home. Isn’t that time-consuming? If you have kept it in your pocket, you can start the engine immediately. See- how it can make things simple! (Source)

The Starter Switch Key and Vehicle Theft

Car thefts facilitated by keys or key fobs left inside the vehicle have risen. For instance, there is an increase in theft rate of over 20% from 2019 through 2021 in the USA—around 100,000 thefts reported by the end of 2021 (source). An average of 209 vehicles were stolen daily by drivers leaving their keys or fobs in their vehicles from 2016 to 2018. 

Then again, according to Axios, this rate increased by 34% in 2023 than 2022. Inspecting the cases, the main reason for these thefts is forgetting the starter switch key to keep in reach.

Now, consider keeping the car key or starter switch key securely in a screened box, tin, or bag. It will prevent the signal from being ‘grabbed’ and used to open the car. Eventually, you can reduce the risk of theft (source).

The best idea of a “secure place” is nothing but your pocket. If someone attempts to steal your car, they won’t be able to start it without the key.

However, there is a risk, too, if you often forget about things (like me). For example, you accidentally lose your starter switch keys, or it falls out of your pocket while walking around. There is a chance of someone stealing the vehicle by turning the engine on with the key fob. In such cases, the anti-theft system of (modern) cars can help a lot. It will prevent thieves from stealing the vehicle.

What to Do If You Lose the Starter Switch Key from Your Pocket?

Like I said, you can lose the key fob while keeping it in your pocket. It is evident particularly when you often keep other things in your pocket. But I have some suggestions for you!

Well, you should not mix the starter switch key with another bunch of keys. It eliminates the odd situation of finding the right key. You may also use a keychain – distinctive and easy to get.

Now, stay calm and retrace your steps if you have lost it. Try to recall where you last had it. Besides, check your pockets, bags, or any other places you may have placed the key.

Without the key fob – you are still accessible to the car. Surprised? I am not making a joke, right? You can find readymade aftermarket key fobs online. You can even reprogram them, especially if the key is dedicated to your car model. It won’t require any other tools (source).

Unless you have a backup spare key, you may need to contact the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. Possibly, they can offer you a replacement key. But you must provide proof of being the owner and VIN. It may take some time and money.


Avoid using a heavy keychain. It can put undue stress on the ignition switch. As a result, it can cause it to wear out more quickly. I suggest you use a light keychain or none (in some cases) for the starter switch key.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I keep the starter switch key during pre-trip?
  • For maximum safety, you should keep it in your pocket. You may use a light keychain with it for better convenience.
  • What is a starter switch key?
  • You may also know it as an ignition switch key or start switch key. This key is used to activate the main electrical systems of a motor vehicle. It may include the ignition system and the starter motor.
  • How can I replace the starter switch key?
  • You can obtain a replacement key from the dealer. Otherwise, many stores sell aftermarket products for vehicles. You can contact them to get a key fob matching your car model.

Final Words

Why put the starter switch key in your pocket? For sure, keeping the key inside the pocket is not just a matter of convenience – like putting your hand inside the pocket and bringing it out. It is also a matter of vehicle safety and security. However, always try to keep the key fob separate from others.

Obviously, a smart key or starter switch key can be a small but powerful device. It connects you and your car and offers a seamless start. Also, it saves valuable time to search searching for your key in bags or other locations.

Even vehicles with modern anti-theft systems often rely on the key fob to prevent unauthorized use.

Keeping the key inside your pocket safeguards against potential accidents and unauthorized access. Through it, you can significantly reduce accident risks. For instance, these accidents may occur when anyone else starts the vehicle close to you.

I hope this above recap of the whole blog will assist you to understand the reasons more easily. And I thank you for still being here. Have a nice day!

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