9 Common Reasons & Their Solutions: Why Does My Mercedes Randomly Beep?

For sure, the serene ambiance while driving a Mercedes (or Mercedes-Benz) can make you feel lost in a peaceful place. But a sudden, unexpected beep can disrupt your feelings. You know, these beeps are often harmless, yet they can be reasons to lose your peace. In this blog, I will answer, “Why does my Mercedes randomly beep?”

No doubt, Mercedes is one of the finest vehicles in the world. The manufacturer has already focused on integrating multiple features in its automobiles. Well, the random beep is also a similar feature. Depending on the specific issue, this audible alert may occur in different frequency, duration, and tones.

Usually, the car beeps randomly for improper door closures, problems with parking brake releasing, and low fuel. Besides, it may work as a seatbelt reminder and warning to check tire pressure, loose wiring, and lane departure. I suggest you consider it a safety note when you hear the beeps to avoid collisions.

Common Causes of Random Beeping in Mercedes [+Solutions]

Straight to the point – why does my Mercedes randomly beep? I expect all my guests on this blog to read this section carefully. In this part, I will discuss the reasons to get sound alerts from Mercedes in easy words.

#Reason: 1 – Open Door Alert or Door Not Closed Properly

Mercedes cars have door sensors to trigger beeps when the door is half closed (ajar) but you are driving behind the wheels. Well, it is a safety feature to remind the car driver to close all the doors before driving off (1).

If you find the beeps are happening due to ajar doors, you may care some matters. For example, your car has a faulty actuator that fails to control the locking and unlocking of the doors (2).

As I said, sensors trigger beeps. So, doors may close properly, yet you may hear beeps if those sensors have issues (3). If the beeping is related to the trunk, it might be due to the trunk lock actuator not working properly (4).


Applying a lubricant like WD-40 and opening and closing the door several times may resolve the issue (5). Otherwise, you may contact a mechanic to inspect the car.

#Reason: 2 – Seat Belt Reminder

Do you often forget or avoid fastening seat belts while driving? If this is the case, your Mercedes will remind everyone in the car through alarming beeps.


First, I suggest everyone fasten their seat belts. Wear the belts correctly, like the buckle clicks and locks precisely. Moreover, you should keep the male and female parts of the belt neat and intact.

You can turn the warning beep feature if you still get the beeps. To do this, insert the key into the ignition and turn it without starting the engine. Then, press and hold the button on the dash (marked as SRS) until the seat belt warning chime turns off (6).

Here is another way: put on the seatbelt and locate the alarm switch on the center console near the shifter. Then, flip the switch to the “off” position – that’s it! (7).

#Reason: 3 – Low Fuel Warning

I hope you have filled out the tank fully before starting the engine. If not, low fuel levels can cause a persistent beeping in a Mercedes car. However, the low-fuel warning may appear halfway between the last two-level markers on the fuel gauge in some models (like CLA250). It may indicate a distance to empty of about 70km (8).


Pour gasoline into the gas tank to avoid engine damage and reduce performance. You should also check if there is any leakage in the reservoir. If you find any, repair it soon.

#Reason: 4 – Parking Assist System Warning

Mercedes has another excellent feature, known as the parking assist system. It may also cause random beeps in your vehicle. Thus, it helps to maneuver the car in tight spaces. It will beep when it detects any obstacle while changing your car’s position due to the system feature.

Not only this, if the feature has issues with its software, it will also cause warning beeps (9). Sometimes, damaged bumpers or parking the car at a higher speed can also cause the system to issue warnings (10).


Be careful when you are driving forward or back in tight spaces. Also, try to avoid any obstacles to prevent hearing the beeps. Update or troubleshoot the software of the Park Assist feature.

#Reason: 5 – Low Tire Pressure Warning

Sometimes, you may get a flashing tire pressure warning light besides continuous loud beeps. It indicates a lack of pressure or a malfunctioning tire pressure sensor (11). These sensors can detect when the air pressure inside tires is lower than the recommended range.


When you get the warning beeps or blinking light, reset the light by holding the TPMS reset button until the light blinks three times. Then, start the car and wait 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh (12). You may need to replace the faulty TPMS sensor if the light persists after resetting it (13). And never forget to have the correct tire pressure in your vehicle.

#Reason: 6 – Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS alerts the driver with visual, audible, or vibration warnings if a car (like a Mercedes) leaves its lane (14). The system scans the road to determine where the lane markers are. You will get alert or beeps if the car drifts over these markers (15). But it won’t work if the turn signal is on or if the brakes are applied.


At times, the system may need to be calibrated (like after a windshield replacement). You should know one more thing: the LDWS is a passive system. It means it only provides warnings. But it does not take any automatic action to keep the vehicle in its lane. So, you may keep your car in the correct lane to avoid unnecessary beeps.

#Reason: 7 – Parking Brake Not Released

Another safety feature! If your vehicle’s parking brake is not fully released, it will beep to prevent driving with the brake engaged. Usually, a faulty parking brake system may cause this issue.


Sometimes, adjusting or lubricating the brake system can solve the problem. You may use a lubricant like WD-40 to let the system run smoothly and release the brake (16). Again, you can try releasing the engaged parking brake. To do so, press the button on the dashboard (17).

Still, if the brake does not release, you can try a temporary fix. First, turn off the ignition, then turn it back on, pull the parking brake switch. Then, keep it for 10 seconds and release it (18).

Tap the wheel with a hammer and move the cable around if the brake is stuck due to ice. If these methods don’t work, seeking professional help is advisable.

#Reason: 8 – Collision Prevention Assist Plus

Your Mercedes may beep if there’s an issue with the collision avoidance system. This system is designed to prevent accidents. Thus, it can produce a beeping sound if it detects a potential collision (19).

Common causes of these warnings can be due to extremely low or high outside temperatures affecting the system’s functionality (20). Also, you may get false alarms from this system. The collision assist system may trigger warnings without apparent cause (21).


I suggest you understand the function of this collision avoidance system. You may read the vehicle’s owner’s manual to know about it in detail. It may help you to troubleshoot the system properly.

#Reason: 9 – Software Update Available

If you are not getting beeps due to the above causes, ensure any software update is available. It may indicate that you should update the software to the latest version. Well, not installing an update may potentially cause the system to crash.


You can utilize the Mercedes Me Portal or the Mercedes Me Connect app to check for software updates. It helps monitor updates’ status and activate various services (22, 23). Press the “Settings” button on the car’s multimedia display to install the update. Then, find and press the “Systems” tab (24).

You may also enter the VIN on the Mercedes-Benz Bluetec Update site. It may help you to determine eligibility and status for updates (25).

Final Words: Why Does My Mercedes Randomly Beep?

That’s all about random beeps in a Mercedes car. I hope you have read the whole blog. Make sure you have followed the instructions I have discussed.

Always keep your system software up to date. Plus, set a routine for regular maintenance of each part. If you still get the beeps, I suggest you call professional help to inspect and solve any unexpected problems.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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