Why Does My Honda CR-V Beep 3 Times? – An Exploration to Beeping Issue

Honda CR-V is a popular compact SUV with spacious cabin, seating, and friendly driving dynamics. Besides, the turbocharged engine provides maximum power to thrill out the monotony of life. Sadly, there is an issue which does not go with the flow – the beeping problem. If you own a Honda CR-V, you may face it often. In this blog, I will discuss a lot about “why does my Honda CR-V beep 3 times?”

In short, beeping thrice is related to the Walk Away Auto Lock feature. It beeps when the system cannot arm itself to perform the auto lock function. Usually, the noise happens when the fob is not detected. It may also beep when it is unsure about fob’s presence when you close the door. Moreover, you will hear the beeps when the seatbelt sensor senses you have unfastened seat belts.

Apart from these, these beeps may indicate broken sensors, faulty wiring, or malfunctioning parts. If you wish to know more, as it is crucial, continue reading the blog! I hope you will understand the indicative beeps from the Honda CR-V.

A Brief to CR-V Car Beeps 3 Times

I guess you are already annoyed with the unnecessary beeps from the Honda CR-V. Well, the SUV is calling you to contact by beeping 3 times. It is a signal to something that needs your attention and time.

Well, many owners suggest understanding what these beeps mean. They may indicate some minor issues or critical warnings to sort out soon.

I have researched the matter well. So, I can help you to realize the meaning of CR-V beeping thrice. According to several sources (1, 2), your favorite Honda car beeps for several reasons. But the main reasons are often the sensors of seatbelts, doors, and migration.

These sensors can start beeping when they sense unfastened seat belts. You may hear the sound even when you unlock the doors or drive off lane. Besides, broken sensors in CR-V can cause continuous beeping sounds.

Sometimes, beeping sounds indicate something even when everything is normal. For instance, it will make noise when you leave the key fob or remote inside the car. It may also sound when you park the vehicle until it is in the appropriate P or Parking position.

Unlocked doors are also reasons to make the car beep three times. For sure, it is natural to keep the door open or forget to lock it properly while driving. In this case, the scenario will be the same.

The Role of Sensors: Seatbelts, Doors, and Migration Sensors

Honda CR-V is famous for its unique features. Particularly its sensors for proper operation and safety are a top-notch facility. These sensors can alert you to dangers or issues like an unfastened seatbelt or an open door. Likewise, you will hear the noise when the sensors fail to work or malfunction.

Seatbelt sensors can detect whether the seatbelt has been fastened. Suppose they notice you haven’t secured the seatbelts while you drive. Those sensors will naturally trigger the beeping noise.

Again, door sensors can cause 3-beeps if they detect that a door is not closed correctly while driving.

Now, imagine you are driving the car off its lane. The migration sensors will detect it instantly. In return, they will trigger a beep to alert you or the driver.

Common Causes for 3 Beeps in Honda CRV

When you hear beeps from your CR-V, do not worry, please. First, you should check what’s causing the beeps. Then, you can take your steps accordingly. In this part, I will discuss why your SUV beeps thrice.

Key Fob or Remote Inside Your Car

Suppose you have a habit of forgetting things like me. Or you mistakenly forget to bring the key fob or remote inside the car. However, leaving that thing inside and walking away from the vehicle will cause beeping. In simple words, it’s a reminder to leave the key fob inside the car (sources: 3, 4).

Parking Position of Your Car

How do you park your Honda CR-V? The parking position is another cause of the car beeps three times. It happens when you park the vehicle inappropriately or not in the P or Parking position (source).

Door Lock Status

Another reason for beeping thrice is the incorrect locking of the car doors. Suppose you have started driving on the road. But you have left a door open or not properly locked. Then, the friend CR-V will call or notify you to close the door fully. In fact, it is a safety (walk-away auto-lock) feature from Honda. It reminds you to lock all the doors before moving (sources: 5, 6).

Shutdown or Lock Status

Hearing beeps is also possible if the vehicle is about to shut down or lock fully. Typically, the scenario happens when the car fails to detect the remote within 8 feet between you and the car. Some CRV owners reported that constantly opening and closing the door solves the problem (source).

Blown Light Bulb

Car cluster consists of multiple things, and gauge cluster lights are one of them. As these are electronic things, there is a chance that they may malfunction. So, when you hear beeps, you may blame the blown light in the gauge cluster (source).

Low Oil Level

Low oil levels can cause the CRV engine to overheat. It will hamper the engine’s health and degrade its performance. In this case, you will get the warning signals as beeps.

Coolant leaks

If you hear beeps, it may indicate that the coolant level is not up to the mark. Coolant leakage or extremely low coolant can also increase engine temperature. As a result, you will hear the beeps three times (source).

Issues with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

According to Honda Info Center, LDWS alerts drivers when driving the CR-V off-lane. When this system detects the vehicle is not in its correct lane, you will hear the triggered beep.

Driving Position Memory System

It is another excellent feature of Honda CRV (source). It reminds the preferred seat and mirror positions for two drivers. Also, it can detect any change in the driver’s seat or mirror positions. It will trigger a beep to remind the driver of the original settings when it detects.

Alternator Issue

Did you check the electrical stuff of your Honda SUV? If not, you can check the alternator’s performance. You may hear those warning beeps when you find any issue with it.

Back-Up Camera & Sensors

I guess your CR-V has a backup camera and sensors. In that case, there is a round button in the cargo section of the car on the driver’s side. It may cause the beeping. Read this discussion for more information.

Besides all these reasons, other things may happen with your car. They can be dead battery or deficient brake fluid levels (source). That’s why your Honda CR-V beeps 3 times. In that case, an auto mechanic can detect the reasons.

How to Disable Beeping in Honda CR-V

So, you have learned all possible reasons for “why does my Honda CRV beep 3 times?” Now, I will discuss how you can disable the vehicle’s beeping (unless you get used to it).

You can turn off the beep when locking the doors, to turn off the beeping. Please check out this video for better and more practical learning.

If you want to turn off the Walk Away Auto Lock warning beeps, follow me:

  • First, press “Home” on the steering wheel controls
  • Then, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Now, select “Door Setup.”
  • Select “Walk Away Auto Lock”
  • Toggle “OFF” to turn off the feature or toggle “ON” to use the feature.

You can also look at this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the Honda CR-V beep thrice when you walk away?
  • When you leave the key fob or remote inside the car and start walking away from it, it will remind you to bring the remote outside. Also, it is a warning for proper door locking.
  • Why does the Honda CRV beep while driving?
  • If you hear the beeps again and again, it means the auto-lock function is not working. Simultaneously, you are alerted that the doors are still unlocked.
  • How can I stop beeping on my Honda CR-V?
  • You can see a “sound” icon on the driver’s side. When you push it in, the car will beep while you approach the car’s rear side. Push it out to turn off the beep (source).


I hope you got the answer to “Why does my Honda CR-V beep 3 times?”.

There are lots of reasons or indications, aren’t there? You should go through a proper inspection. If things are normal, you can just turn off the beep feature. Otherwise, solve the problems to avoid hearing the beeps three times.

Thanks for reading the blog till now. Have a safe driving!

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