What Oil to Use for Audi A3: Expert Recommendations and Tips

It’s not like you see an oil online and order it for your car. You must carefully select the right oil, especially if you have an Audi A3. After all, engine oil serves as the lifeblood of any vehicle. In this article, I’ll explain what oil to use for Audi A3. A wrong oil can reduce its engine’s performance, fuel efficiency, and lifespan.

Any oil you select for the Audi A3 must have precise info regarding its viscosity, performance specs, and brand reputation. Besides, you should consider the oil change intervals and apply them properly. Thus, experts recommend using high-quality, fully synthetic 5W30 oils in A3 vehicles. These oils can keep the engine running, cool in summer, and active in winter.

If you need precise recommendations (like brand or product) of Audi A3 oil, I suggest you continue reading this article. Ultimately, you will learn how to select, when, and apply the correct oil in your car. You will learn a lot about engine lubricants – I promise!

Audi A3 & Oil Selection – What You Need to Understand

I guess I do not need to talk a lot about Audi A3. Still, a brief about it may help you understand why you should be skeptical about pouring oil into its engine.

It’s a subcompact car with a modernized interior, enjoyable handling, and fantastic fuel economy (1). It features a fuel-efficient powertrain and an ideal driver seat (2). The 2020 model can go from 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds (3). On the other hand, the 2024 model achieves the same speed in 6.3 seconds (4).

So, you can see, everything is top-notch in the Audi A3. Then, why won’t you consider using the recommended oil for your car’s engine? After all, engine oil plays a crucial role in the functioning of your Audi. It reduces friction between engine components. Also, it can maintain optimal engine temperature and ensure smooth engine operation.

Now, do you know about the oil viscosity number? It refers to the thickness of the oil and its resistance to flow. If an oil has a higher number, it is a thicker oil (5). However, lighter viscosity oil improves efficiencies like torque, horsepower, fuel mileage, and lower emissions (6).

I suggest you check this article for more about viscosity grade numbers.

You can identify the viscosity grade on every bottle of engine oil. In the case of Audi A3, lower viscosity is essential as the lower the number, the minimum the temperature at which the oil can function effectively (7). The best option for most four-cylinder Audi A3 models is to use the 5W30 viscosity oil (8).

Types of Oil for Cars

Before you rush towards stores for your car’s lubricants, you should know that you can usually find three types of oils. These are conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blends.

In most new cars, conventional or mineral oils are preferred. These petroleum-based, traditional oils are affordable options. But they may not have the same level of performance and protection as the other types.

Then, if you want the highest levels of lubrication and engine protection, you can select synthetic oil. It is considered the best for high-tech engines like Audi A3. It offers superior heat resistance and improves fuel efficiency. Also, it can extend the time between oil changes.

The last one – synthetic blend (or semi-synthetic) oil- combines conventional and synthetic oils. It offers decent protection and performance than conventional oil. Yet it is not as good as full synthetic oils. Thus, this type of oil is good if you want the benefits of fully synthetic oil but at an affordable price.

Oil Capacity & Recommended Engine Oil Types

Different models and years of a car have different oil capacities. For instance, the A3 Cabriolet 1.4 TFSI (103 kW) can hold 4 liters of engine oil. If you have an A3 Sedan 2.0 TFSI (140 kW), the capacity is more than a Cabriolet (5.7 liters). So, you should choose and pour the right oil in the right quantity in your Audi A3 cars.

Like the capacity, the recommended engine oil types for Audi A3 also vary from its model and year. According to CarAraC.com, the recommended engine oil types for the A3 Cabriolet 1.4 TFSI (103 kW) are 0W-40, 5W-40, and 5W-30. But you must use oil that meets the VAG approvals of 502.00/505.00 and 504.00/507.00. Also, it should meet or exceed the ACEA A3/B3 and higher standards.

Audi’s Official Oil Recommendations: Synthetic Oil

Well, Audi officially recommends using synthetic oil for its A3 models. Its superior heat resistance, fuel efficiency improvement, and longer oil change intervals are the reasons.

Still, there are some exceptions in official recommendations. For instance, the 2017-20 A3 FWD 2.0T requires 0W20 (504.00 / 507.00) oil. Then, the 2018-21 A3 2.0 TDI requires 0W40 (511.00) oil (9). You may check this official page for more information.

Generally, the recommended oil for Audi A3 is 5W30 oil for most A3 models (10). But it can change (like 5W40) as I have already mentioned.

Why Synthetic Oils?

You should consider a few things to follow the official recommendations (synthetic oil) to change the oil. These are also why synthetic oil is a better choice for Audi A3.

  • The climate in which you drive your Audi A3 can influence the type of oil you should use. For example, if you live in colder areas, synthetic oil works more efficiently as it flows better at low temperatures.
  • Then, choose synthetic oil if you frequently engage in high-speed driving or towing. This oil can provide better protection for your engine.
  • The age and mileage of your Audi A3 can also impact your oil choice. If it is a high-mileage car, choose a high-mileage synthetic motor oil. It can reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks and seepage, and improve engine performance.

Recommended Brands

You can find several brands if you search for the best Audi A3 synthetic oil. However, three brands are on top of them according to people’s choice: Mobil 1, Castrol, and Pennzoil. All these brands produce and sell various viscosity oils.

  • Mobil 1 has an advanced synthetic formula to keep engines clean and running smoothly. It also offers brilliant protection against wear and tear.
  • Castrol is another highly recommended oil brand for Audi A3. It works best even under extreme conditions.
  • Pennzoil oils have a formula that provides 40% better performance than conventional oils.

Recommended Products

The essential thing is that you should always follow the vehicle’s manual. If not, you can contact a professional for the most accurate information. Well, according to Carnes Mechanical and Autozone, these are some proposed oils for Audi A3:


  • EDGE A3/B4 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil (0W30 & 0W40)
  • GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blend Engine Oil (5W30)
  • EDGE High Mileage High Mileage Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)

Mobil 1:

  • Extended Performance High Mileage Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)
  • FS Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W40)
  • Extended Performance Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)


  • Platinum Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W-30)
  • Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)
  • Platinum High Mileage High Mileage Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)

Besides these products, you can use some others for Audi A3, like:

  • Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 Synthetic Motor Oil (5W30)
  • Motul Synthetic Engine Oil 8100 X-Cess (5W40)
  • RAVENOL VST Fully Synthetic Motor Oil (5W40)
  • STP High Mileage Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)
  • Valvoline MST SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil (5W40)
  • Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Full Synthetic Engine Oil (5W30)

Oil Change Frequency for Audi A3

By frequency, it means you need to change the motor oil after a certain period. Replacing engine oils ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your Audi A3 engine.

CarAraC suggests that the oil change interval for the A3 Cabriolet 1.4 TFSI (103 kW) is every 30,000 km or 24 months. According to the Audi maintenance schedule, this period is every 10,000 miles or 12 months for Audi A3.

According to Blauparts, the (synthetic) oil change interval for the Audi A3 can be 10,000-15,000 miles or once a year – whichever comes first.

Above all, you must check the engine oil levels regularly. It is an essential factor in terms of oil change frequency or interval. However, you can top up the oil if the reservoir or oil tank is low.  

After checking the levels by unlatching the bonnet, get the right engine oil for the Audi A3 engine. Then, note the level and carefully fill some engine oil (approx. 100-150 ml) into the A3 oil nozzle.

Conclusion – What Oil to Use for Audi A3?

Aha! You have reached the final section of this article. From the beginning, I have explained everything about oil and Audi A3.

Still, if you are in a dilemma, I suggest using 5W30 synthetic oil for your Audi A3 vehicles. This oil remains thin during cold temperatures. Similarly, it can withstand extreme heat during summer seasons.

And do not forget to check the oil level and fill it with the right product. I hope these are enough for today!

Thanks for coming here!

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