How to Carry Two Key Fobs: Managing Two Fobs Safely

Yes, an apparent question may arise from the title: what’s a key fob? Well, it’s a small, handy device that allows us to unlock our cars or homes with just a button. You may again think about why anyone would carry dual fobs. Even if you prefer, you may need to know how to take two key fobs securely.

For sure, having two key fobs can be helpful. Assume that you lost one or it stopped working suddenly. The second one can save your day. Thus, you should plan well to have both keys together. Some effective ways to carry two key fobs are using a dual-ring keychain, keeping one in the pocket and another in a bag, and using a key organizer.

Following these ways, you always have one handy; if you lose one, the other is safe. Anyway, it’s not only about “one lost, use another.” There are more benefits and things you must know about carrying two key fobs. Aren’t you interested in knowing them? Please read this blog to learn how to manage them effectively.

Key Fob – Definition, Types, Functions, and Features

What are key fobs? Is it the same as traditional key? Well, you may know them by keyless entry remotes (KERs) or car remotes. These tiny electronic devices provide on-device, one-factor authentication to facilitate access to a system or device (like a car, computer system, or a restricted area) (1).

You can use the fobs remotely while finding features similar to the usual metal keys (2). For instance, you can lock or unlock doors, open trunks, and even start the engine.

You can find versatile types of key fobs. Some of the most common types are remote control, transponder, proximity, and smart key fobs. And surprisingly, these fobs have their unique characteristics. Let me give you some examples.

Remote control key fobs enable users to control specific functions or features of a system. You can unlock doors or start a car from a distance. Then, transponder key fobs communicate with a security system via a small chip known as a transponder. Similarly, proximity key fobs use near-field communication (NFC) technology to speak with a security system.

Hence, key fobs transmit a unique low-frequency signal to the car’s computer system. This signal allows you to start your engine or gain access to your vehicle (3). The car remotes can also communicate with receivers in doors or locks. This way, you can unlock and gain access to a building, area, or vehicle (4).

Key fobs utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with the vehicle’s onboard computer system. This RFID has a microchip that stores data like the unique ID and an antenna to receive and transmit data (5).

Can I Carry Two Key Fobs?

So, you can see there are several types of key fobs. Now, you may think about keeping the two keys together. I will explain the benefits and challenges of keeping dual key fobs in this part.

First, I would say you surely can keep two fobs. Let’s see why you should do this.

Benefits of Carrying Two Key Fobs

Certainly, using two key fobs can provide enhanced security and convenience. Most fobs we use nowadays use advanced encryption protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Again, many systems require multi-factor authentication for added security (6). You can use the remote access feature to unlock and lock devices or systems from a distance (7).

Suppose you have two keys. If one key fob is lost or malfunctions, the other one will be a lifesaver. It can be beneficial in situations where you are far from home. Also, you may not need to go to the dealership or mechanic to get access to your car. The second key fob will provide you with immediate access.

Another benefit of keeping two keys together is the shared access. The process becomes simple if more than one person needs to use the car. This is especially useful for families, car-sharing services, or businesses with fleet vehicles.

Potential Risks and Challenges

No, I am not stopping you from carrying two key fobs. Yet taking two can pose several security risks.

For instance, key fobs are vulnerable to physical hazards like impacts, contact with liquids, or extreme heat. You should take precautions to protect their devices or vehicles (8). Even thieves can clone the key. It will pose a risk to the security of their access (9).

Additionally, key fobs can be vulnerable to replay attacks. An attacker replicates the button-presses in such situations to gain unauthorized access (10).

I guess you share the car with multiple family members or friends. Then, if you keep the key together, they may find using the vehicle inconvenient. Yet it is helpful for you that you have proper control of your car.

Then, key fobs can be sensitive to RF interference (11). Now, you carry your key fob in a pocket with a cell phone or other electronic devices. The key may block the signal. Besides, the strength of the signal from a key fob can depend on the battery life.

How to Carry Two Key Fobs Safely

You have decided to keep them together in your pocket, isn’t it? Then, follow my instructions to keep them safe and handy.

The most common way is carrying one key fob in your pocket and the other in a bag compartment. This helps to avoid any interference between the two fobs.

When carrying two key fobs, I recommend you separate the most frequently used one for easy access. Also, attach them to personal items like wrist straps, wallets, or key chains.

Wallet integration can also be a good option. Well, you may consider using multi-function key fobs or programmable options for better organization. Using separate compartments or color-coding can also help manage two key fobs (12).

Key organizers can hold multiple keys in a tidy, accessible unit. These special pouches keep your keys and key fobs in one place. You can use the key when you need it from these pouches.

Some popular organizers are Orbitkey, Bellroy, KeySmart, Keyport, and Jibbon. They can be valuable tools for carrying key fobs (13). You may also find some key organizers, like the KeySmart Max, with tracking technology for added security (14).

Some key fob holders and cases can protect the key fob from damage and make it easier to carry. You may also use a dual-ring keychain. In this case, attach each fob to a separate ring. Another option is to use a lanyard, a strap you can wear around your neck.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Key Fob?

Sometimes losing essential thing can make our life tough. Losing the key fob is also something like that. Let me think, you have lost one or both key fobs. Then, what will you do?

For sure, the first step is to gather all the necessary information about your vehicle, including the make, model, and VIN. With this information, you can get the correct replacement key fob.

Next, contact a reputable auto locksmith. They can program the replacement key fob for you. It can be more cost-effective than going to a dealership. If you are in a hurry, consider calling an emergency locksmith service.

To prevent losing your key fob in the future, keep it in a safe place (like a designated key holder or pocket). There are also apps available that can help you locate your key fob if you misplace it.

The last step would be reporting the loss to the police if you suspect the key fob was stolen. You will need a police report number to claim the insurance if it’s covered.

Final Words

How to carry to key fobs – I guess you have learned multiple ways to bring them together. And those ways, like one in a pocket and another in a bag, are easy to follow.

However, depending on the situation, keeping two KERs can be helpful and risky. It may make locking or unlocking the door quickly. Yet if you lose them both, finding a replacement will be a hassle. So, decide wisely whether to carry two key fobs or not.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Thanks for your precious time.

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