Do Honda and Acura Use the Same Parts?

While observing the discussions over the web, I have found this question in common “Do Honda and Acura use the same parts?” People often get confused and look for the answeras both are two brands of Honda Motor Company.

People mostly interested in Honda (car, motorcycle, or vice versa) have searched for the comparison. Again, if you search for Acura parts, you will get suggestions to use Honda parts. So, can you really use them or interchange parts between them?

In this post, I will guide you on using the same parts in Honda and Acura. You will also learn about the parts shared between these two giant brands.

A Brief Overview of Honda & Acura

If you know about Acura, then you must know about Honda. Both are well-known and respected automotive brands in the world. Also, they are two different automotive brands under the Honda Motor Company umbrella.

Honda has become a global leader in automotive engineering since its foundation in 1946. This company produces reliable and efficient vehicles which you can see on the road. Now, we all know this manufacturer for producing reliable, fuel-efficient cars, motorcycles, power equipment, and other products.

Alternatively, this mother company launched a new brand in the United States in 1986, known as Acura. This brand offers luxury vehicles with advanced features and high-end amenities. Again, the purpose of Acura was to competewith luxury automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus.

If you surf the internet, you will see versatile Acura vehicles featuring modern technologies. Later, Acura expanded into Canada in 1987 and Mexico in 2004.

Do Honda and Acura Use the Same Parts?

They are equally the same and different brands. But you can experience many commonalities between them. Also, Both brands focus extensively on the vehicle or its parts’ engineering and design. You can see many of the same manufacturing facilities and production methods.

Acura is mainly a luxury vehicle maker that uses many parts like Honda vehicles. Besides these parts, this brand adds modern technology, better luxury, and identically more styles than Honda counterparts.

Below are some facts you can be sure of using the same parts of Honda to Acura vehicles.

In a forum thread titled “Difference between Honda and Acura parts?”, an author looked for a turn signal light replacement for his Acura vehicle (part no. 33350-TK4-A11). He started in this way:

Author: “…I came across HPU’s site, and the same part number for Honda (also a left front turn light assembly) costs $35.46, while the Acura counterpart with the same description costs $55.32.

Then he got replies:“same part number = same part.” It means he could use the same Honda part (at an affordable rate) on his Acura. Though there was a caution from another guy, “…in some instances you’re not able to order the part via Honda if it’s an Acura part number. Even if they’re identical.”

Another thread, “Honda/ Acura Interchangeable Parts,” shows similar information.

What Honda would have the same throttle body as mine?”

The author of the thread searched for something for his Acura. The response was:

“The 2.3 accord shares the same engine. 98-02 I believe.”

A question on Quora was about the relationship between Honda and Acura. After reading the replies, I have found,

“They are built on the same assembly lines using most of the same parts as the lower-end cars they are based off of. They simply have more luxury parts put into them.” – answered by J. Shelton.

Many discussionspoint out that you can use Honda parts for your Acura, besides some exceptions. Let’s see some examples of shared parts by Honda and Acura:

Engines and Transmissions

You can interchange many engines between Acura and Honda. For instance, you can use the same Honda Pilot engine as Acura MDX. Both are 3.5-liter V-6 engines with the same power and efficiency.

“The 3.5-litre Earth Dream V6 is a staple of the Acura lineup, but is also used in the Honda Odyssey, Accord, Ridgeline…” (Source: Policaro Acura)

Chassis and Suspension Parts

Acura vehicles are built on Honda platforms. Both brands often integrate the same chassis and suspension parts. Typically, control arms, struts, and shocks are interchangeable parts. You can use the 7th Gen Honda Accord Chassis for 1st Gen Acura TSX.

Electrical and Electronic Components

Though Acura is trendier, both brands are moving forward with advanced electrical and electronic systems. Still, you can see the shared components between these two vehicle makers. Such shared electrical and electronic parts can be sensors, switches, and wiring harnesses.

Likewise, you can check out websites that sell O2 sensor which works for both Honda (Odyssey, Pilot etc.) and Acura (MDX, ZDX, TL etc.). Similarly, you can replace the Cruise Control on/off the Honda Accord, Odyssey, and CRV switch buttonswith Acura.

Brakes and Steering Parts

If you think of braking and steering systems, Acura is the winner. This brand usesan advanced system than Honda. But parts like brake pads, rotors, calipers,power steering pumps, and hoses are often shared in the vehicles of these two brands.

“There are many cases in which Honda/Acura brake pads are the same size and shape, but their composition is different from one model to another.” (Source: Honda-Tech)

Overall, many basic mechanical components are the same between the Honda and Acura. But you can get some Acura cars with more advanced and premium parts than their counterparts.

Final Words

I hope I have clarified the answer to “Do Honda and Acura use the same parts?” In short, you can find many components shared by both Honda and Acura. But Honda parts are comparatively affordable, while the same partsnamed for Acura may cost a bit more.

Review online if you see any discussions over your desired part for the vehicle. Also, check if you can install or replace the same parts in any Acura and Honda cars.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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