A Comprehensive Comparison of Davico vs. Walker Catalytic Converters

Hello, my readers! Welcome to today’s topic: Davico vs. Walker catalytic converters! As I am a vehicle enthusiast, I love to discuss different things regarding the parts and performance of the vehicle. And obviously, catalytic converters are essential components for any car.

These converters with magical filters reduce harmful engine emissions. In terms of brand, both Davico and Walker are recommendable for best performance. They each have their tricks and superb ideas to make the air cleaner. But what sets these brands apart? How do their products compare performance, construction, and pricing?

Wait! I am giving these answers in full detail. But you need to read the comparison guide about Davico and Walker catalytic converters. Hopefully, you will choose the better one between these two brands.

A brief to Davico & Walker Catalytic Converters:

Any exhaust system of a vehicle has this component. And guess what – its main task is to convert toxic gases that appear in the combustion process. These gases include hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. But with the best catalytic converters, you can get fresh air with low or no harmful substances.

Davico was established in 1987 in Massachusetts (1, 2). Alternatively, Walker was founded in 1888 in Wisconsin (3). Both brands (Davico & Walker) are famous for their converters. Hence, converting toxic air to less harmful air is almost the same. These converters also meet EPA and CARB requirements.

Davico’s products are known for their efficiency and optimization (4). On the other hand, Walker’s converters have OE engineering and manufacturing expertise behind producing them (5).

Okay, let’s move to the next part to learn more about the differences between these catalytic converters.

Davico Catalytic Converters: Features and Benefits

If you search for quality cat converters, you will find Davico at top of the list. These products are well known for their high quality and exceptional performance. Likewise, the manufacturer is dedicated to producing durable and efficient converters. You will get the best possible performance by using those parts.

Image Showing Davico Catalytic Converter

Now, I want to share info about Davico catalytic converters’ features and benefits in detail:

High-Quality Materials

Davico prefers high-quality, durable materials to produce their converters (6). These materials include stainless steel and precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium (7). However, rust and corrosion stay away from these materials long. That’s why you can get a long-lasting performance.

Efficient Emission Reduction

Davico catalytic converters can efficiently reduce harmful emissions like CO, NO2, and hydrocarbons (CnH2n+2). With reduced emissions, Davico converters enhance air quality. Also, they meet strict emission standards.

Direct-Fit Design

Mainly you can get direct-fit cat converters from Davico. But if you visit their website, you can find its multiple versions (8). These are CARB-compliant, dealer alternative, split-pipe, OBD II universal, and close coupled. Consequently, these converters fit specific vehicle makes and models. You can easily install them without any modifications or welding.

OEM Compatibility

Davico catalytic converters are compatible with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. You can use them as a direct replacement for the original one without voiding performance or warranty. Moreover, these converters are generally considered better for resale value and longevity (9).


As Davico catalytic converters work like OEM models, they will last long like the original ones. But here’s a thing you should know: “… no moving parts in a catalytic converter … used in the wash coat do not get consumed or used up” (10). So, there is less chance of replacing the converters though the company suggests doing it after 25000 miles.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The low exhaust backpressure of Davico converters reduces engine stress. So they can provide you with better fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

Compliance with Regulations

Davico converters meet or exceed federal and state emission standards. It ensures compliance with environmental regulations.


Davico offers a limited warranty on its catalytic converters. This manufacturer has set some conditions which you need to maintain to use a warranty. Typically, you can avail yourself of a warranty for up to 2 years or 25000 miles. You can read the PDF (11) for more about this warranty. It is indeed an assurance that any defects or issues are addressed promptly.

Wide Range of Applications

Do you have multiple vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles? Don’t worry, as you can use Davico products in your car. So, I hope this is an easy way to find the correct catalytic converters.


Davico catalytic converters are competitively priced. For instance, direct-fit EPA catalytic converters cost around $185, and CARB-complaint models cost $532. Though the manufacturer does not sell directly, you can find these products on online stores like Amazon, Car Parts, etc.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or issues with the converters, you can contact the customer service of Davico. They provide excellent support to help customers select the right products. Also, they are ready to answer your questions.

Walker Catalytic Converters: Features and Benefits

Walker is another well-known brand in the automotive industry. They produce high-performing catalytic converters like Davico. Still, these converters are primarily famous for durability, efficiency, and functions. You can avail these benefits and features from Walker catalytic converters:

Image Showing Walker Catalytic Converter

Top-Notch Materials

Like Davico, Walker is also skeptical about choosing the right materials for making quality products. It offers converters with a stainless-steel body, aluminized pipe, and heat shields (12). Overall, the construction is durable, resistant to corrosion, and ensures sturdy performance.

Good Emission Reduction

Davico and Walker, both brands, are sincere about emissions from vehicles. In the case of Walker, it offers both direct-fit and universal converters for CARB and federal emissions-certified vehicles (13). So, they maintain the air quality without breaking any standard rules.

Variety of Options

Walker offers both direct-fit and universal catalytic converters (12). CALCAT or CARB-complaint direct-fit converters can fit specific vehicle makes and models. It’s like Davico – no need for modifications during installation. Conversely, Ultra or EPA-complaint universal converters are good for any other vehicle. But they may need slight customization.

OEM Compatibility

If you want the same cat converters as the original one in your vehicle, select Walker. It also offers OEM-supportive catalytic converters like Davico. So, these are suitable as direct replacement OEM counterparts. There is no worry about voiding the warranty anymore.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Walker catalytic converters help optimize the flow of exhaust gases. Also, they reduce exhaust backpressure for enhanced fuel efficiency (14). So, it will save you money on buying more fuel.

Follows Emission Standards

You can use your vehicle without worrying about emissions. These Walker catalytic converters are the same as Davico. But how? They also meet or exceed federal and state emission standards. So, the environment remains safe!


After going through Walker’s official website, I have found two types of warranties for catalytic converters: emission and structural. For EPA-compliant converters, you will get a 25000 miles (or 40000 km) emission warranty (15). The structural warranty is five years or 50000 miles (80000 km). Alternatively, for CARB-compliant converters, you get five years or 50000 miles (80000 km) of both emission and structural warranty (16).


Like Davico, you will get a durable performance from Walker converters. The construction and design of these products keep them away from rust and corrosion. Even if you face any technical issues, you can get support from Walker.

Versatile Applications

You can use both CALCAT and Ultra catalytic converters in most vehicles. So, there is no hassle to get the correct item.


Comparatively, Walker catalytic converters are more affordable than Davico. For instance, Ultra or EPA-complaint converters cost around $134 (17). Similarly, CALCAT or CARB-complaint converters cost around $232 (18). It means that you can save more money than buying Davico counterparts.

Customer Support

Walker’s website features a part finder tool (19). It helps to find the desired products for your specific vehicles easily. Moreover, customer support is always waiting for your concerns.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Davico vs. Walker Catalytic Converters

Except for those materials and construction factors, you should consider some others to evaluate these two brands’ products:


Of course, it’s a matter of budget. If you want to save money on buying catalytic converters, I suggest Walker. But it doesn’t mean you cannot get affordable products from Davico. Stay up to date to know any discounts or offers available online.


Where do you live? Perhaps, you need to think about your region and state. Before buying any converter from these two brands, you should know they meet the local emission regulations. Otherwise, you may fall into trouble releasing more harmful exhaust gases into the air.

Vehicle Make and Model Compatibility

Davico or Walker- whatever you select, it must fit your vehicle. Otherwise, you may have to go through further modifications. It will cost you money and probably help from professionals. Try to choose direct-fit catalytic converters for your vehicle. However, if you want more versatility, you can check out Davico.

User Reviews

Both brands have lots of positive reviews for their quality products. But it is wise first to read the latest feedback on the selected product online. After reviewing them, you are good to go shopping!

Final Words

Cool! The discussion of Davico vs. Walker catalytic converters ends here! Throughout the blog, I have explained both converters’ different features and facilities. But now the question is, which one will you prefer?

Let me answer that for you! Select Walker if your prime target is saving money but with good performance.

Alternatively, choose Davico! You will get premium items with lots of variations. But it will cost you more money, almost twice as much as Walker.

Got solved? I hope you will take the right decision! Thanks for your precious moments on this blog!

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