Why Does My Malibu Beep 3 Times: An Extensive Analysis

You’re cruising in your Malibu, and suddenly, it goes beep, beep, beep! What’s up with that? Those beeps aren’t just random noises. Your car is trying to tell you something important! It could be about your seatbelt, airbags, tires, or engine. These beeps are like secret messages from your ride to keep you safe and sound on the road.

Today, I’ll discuss “why does my Malibu beep 3 times?”. Usually, these three beeps can mean a couple of things. Did you just leave your keys in the car? Or maybe you have shut any of the doors properly. Another reason can be warnings to use the seatbelt.

These three beeps are not so alarming. But if you hear them, then consider there is something you must do. It will make your Chevrolet Malibu driving experience better and safer. So, continue reading the article below to avoid hearing unusual beeps from the vehicle.

Why Does My Malibu Beep 3 Times – A Brief Overview of the Causes

It’s like listening to your favorite music playlist! You may hear 3 times beeps from Malibu due to these common reasons:

Friendly Reminders

You know, it’s like when you leave your lights on or your keys in the ignition. Your car has your back, ensuring you don’t forget anything important.

Safety Alarms

These are like your car’s guardian angels, warning you about potential hazards. Think seatbelt warnings or low fuel alerts. Safety first, am I right?

Lock and Unlock Signals

When you lock or unlock your car, it’s like your Malibu’s giving you a high-five. Beep, beep, unlocked! Beep, beep, locked! Pretty rad, huh?

Diagnostic Beeps

Your car beeps to tell you if there’s an issue under the hood. Time to check the engine and give it some care!

From now on, I will discuss the reasons in detail. It will help you to take measures upon hearing the 3 beeps.

Alert: You Left the Remote in Vehicle

“The Remote Left in Vehicle Alert” is a feature in Chevrolet Malibu. It sounds an alert when you leave the vehicle’s Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter. According to Chevy, you hear beeps when “you accidentally leave your key fob in the vehicle after exiting.” This alert prevents you from accidentally leaving your keys in the car.


You first need to retrieve the key fob (RKE transmitter) from the car before closing all the doors.

If you don’t want to hear the beeps or find the alert a bit bothersome, you can turn it off. To do so, navigate to the Settings icon on the Home Page of the display. However, the steps may vary depending on the Malibu model year.

A Chevy owner found the alert to be continued even after turning it off in the settings. In this case, car experts suggest performing a hard reset by cutting off the battery for 10 minutes. Still, you may get a software update from the dealership if it happens.

A reddit user got this alert even after not leaving the RKE transmitter in Malibu. From the discussion, I have found that you may still hear the three beeps due to the glitch in the system.

Alert: Remote No Longer Left in Vehicle

Well, it is the opposite of the above alert- the feature in Chevrolet alerts when you haven’t left the RKE transmitter inside the car. Eventually, you will hear beeps for this alert when you accidentally go into the vehicle running without the keys inside. Chevy says your Malibu will beep three times when “the key fob is removed from the vehicle while it’s still on.”


Usually, this beeping happens when you open the driver’s door after removing your remote from the car. Your Malibu is like, “You’re all good now! No need to worry about leaving anything behind!” Beep, beep, beep!

Engine Patrol says, when the car fails to detect RKE transmitter inside, the Driver Information Center (DIC) will display “NO REMOTE DETECTED”. Then, you will hear the beeps. So, you need to turn off the vehicle first. Then take the key fob with you.

You can turn off the feature if it annoys you or the neighbors. Otherwise, check for any issue with the key fob or the keyless entry system. Disconnect the 12V battery for 10 minutes to reset the computers and fix the keyless entry glitches.

The last thing would be to call a professional mechanic if you get the alert unnecessarily.

Lockout Protection Feature

The Lockout Protection Feature is like a vigilant buddy, watching out for your keys. It prevents accidental lock of your keys inside the vehicle. You may hear three beeps if you try to lock the doors while the ignition is on. You may also get the alert if the car is in the ACC/ACCESSORY mode and the driver’s door is open.


Malibu checks if the keys are inside once all doors are shut. If it detects the keys and the number of keys hasn’t reduced, it unlocks the driver’s door and gives three quick beeps — a little nudge to tell you your keys are still inside! (enginepatrol)

This beeping alert is triggered to give you an audible reminder. It reminds you that the keys are still inside the vehicle, and you should retrieve them before leaving.

You may override the Lockout Protection manually. To do so, open the driver door by pressing and holding Q on the power door lock switch. It can be helpful when you want to lock the car with the keys inside.

Parking Brake

Think of it as the anchor keeping your ship (er, car) secure when docked. But what if it starts to beep at you? The Parking Brake is a similar feature in Chevy Malibu. It is designed to keep the car stationary when parked. Hence, you will hear beeps as an alert in certain circumstances to warn you of potential issues.

More simply, a Driver Information Center (DIC) message appears, and a chime sounds to warn you that the parking brake is still engaged if you do not release the parking brake fully. Again, when you apply the parking brake, but the vehicle moves at least 8 km/h (5 mph), Malibu will beep 3 times.


Look at the parking brake indicator on the dashboard to check its status. When you see the light is on, your parking brake is engaged. However, consider a problem with the parking brake system if the light remains on.

You can disengage the parking brake by following these steps:

  1. Press your foot on the brake pedal.
  2. Simultaneously push down on the parking brake switch.

These steps apply to the 2021 Chevy Malibu (wapcar). But it should be similar to other models as well. Thus, you can call a mechanic and let him inspect your Malibu for a faulty parking brake system.

Faulty Multi-Function Switch

According to GWA Auto Parts, this switch controls various systems “like turn signals, wipers, wiper washers, hazard lights, cruise control, and high beam headlights.” It was once famous as a turn signal or blinker switch (familyhandyman). You will hear a horn beeping when your car has a malfunctioning multi-function switch.


You need to replace the faulty multi-function switch to avoid getting three beeps. Here is the process I suggest you follow (itstillruns):

  • Start by disabling the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system.
  • Then, using the trim tool, remove the steering column trim cover from the Malibu’s steering column.
  • After prying the cover loose, you can hand pull it off the column, revealing the culprit – the multi-function switch!
  • Now, pick the wiring pigtail out of the multi-function switch by hand.
  • Then, using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw holding the multi-function switch to the Malibu’s steering column.
  • Finally, you can hand lift the multi-function switch out of the column.

Similarly, you can install the new switch in the following ways:

  • Place Malibu’s new multi-function switch in the column by hand.
  • Install the retaining screw in Malibu’s new multi-function switch with the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Plug the wiring pigtail into the new switch assembly by hand.

Weight on the Passenger Seat

Suppose you have just picked up a bag of groceries and placed them on the passenger seat. Suddenly, there is a beeping sound! What is causing that annoying beep? The source of this sound can be the Passenger Occupancy Sensor (synonyms: Weight Sensor, Seat Mat, or Passenger Occupancy Mat).

According to Youcanic, the sensor signals the airbag module when an adult is sitting on the passenger seat. It allows the airbag module to deploy the passenger airbag in case of an accident. Again, you can detect if a child or car seat is on the front passenger seat for this sensor.


Well, you can prevent the deployment of airbags. It will avoid accidental injury to the child when the airbag is deployed. However, a malfunctioning sensor can cause the airbag warning light to turn on and possibly initiate a beeping sound.

When the weight on the passenger seat causes it, you can simply buckle the seatbelt to see if it stops beeping.

For a faulty sensor, use an airbag scanner. Also, call the dealer when the scanner confirms the problem.


Why does my Malibu beep 3 times? I hope you have the answer now. In short, the beeps refer to any conditions you must consider. It also refers to malfunctioning components of Malibu.

In this article, I have provided details of all the possible reasons to get multiple beeps from Chevy Malibu cars. I suggest you follow the solutions under each basis to avoid getting the beeps unnecessarily.

Thank you for reading this article.

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